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One More Day in Perudise

Huascaran Mtn
Hiking Buddies: Heiko, Jen, Manu and Pieter

Lake 69

After four beautiful days in the Cordillera Blancaaaaahhh and an eight hour bus ride today, I am now in Lima at the home of Jorge's sister Sandra. I had a great time in Huaraz and surrounding mountains. It was very sunny and fairly warm each day. Olazas Bed and Breakfast was my base in Huaraz and a great location to meet other adventurers. I hiked with four others guests, (Pieter from Holland, Heiko from Germany, Jen from NY, and Manu from DC(the other Americans are both living in Lima)) on Sunday to Lake 69. Lake 69 is a gorgeous turquoise gem at 4550m(14,980) just below Chacraruju Mountain also very close to Huascaran Mountain,the highest peak in Peru at 6768m (22,200ft). It was a challenging ten mile hike, but very rewarding with views of amazing glacial peaks, waterfalls and Lake 69. The only explanation I learned for the name of the lake was from our taxi driver, he said it was the 69th lake that the Spanish discovered in that area.
Chacraruju Mountain

Pisco and ??? Mountain

Monday I relaxed in the central town of Huaraz with views of many of the snowy peaks. Yesterday, Jen, Manu, our guide Julio Olaza and I went on a thrilling mountain bike ride. We started by climbing for about 5km up near the base of the mountains and then made a fast descent of about 20 km or more along a gravel road passing by many rural farms and homes on the way back to our guest house. I saw one snowy peak that was shaped much like Mt. Rainier! Julio knows Joe Simpson, the main character in Touching the Void which was actually set in the Cordillera Huayhuash a little ways south of the area I was staying and playing in.

Tomorrow I will have one day to explore the capital and do a little more shopping before catching a red eye to Miami. Sandra and I planning to go to a great little cevicheria for lunch so I can sample the national dish, ceviche or lime marinated fish. I am due to arrive in Seattle at midday on Friday. My vacation has been a lot of fun, but I am also looking forward to being back home.

Pictures will be ready soon.....

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drueck dijo...

I'm looking forward to seeing your photos and hearing more about the trip! Sounds like it was wonderful! I'll have to come up to Seattle to visit one of these weekends.